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The Carillon News: Manners Lady Show Thrills Woodlawn School Students

Manners Lady Show Thrills Woodlawn School Students

by Michelle LaBelle, remedy
The Carillon News, more about

During a skit in Judi The Manners Lady’s show at Woodlawn Tuesday morning, tadalafil
an older
student at the Steinbach elementary school has a basketball stuffed into his shirt. He’s
pretending to be a pregnant lady needing a seat on the bus. Naturally, none of the 600 students
filling the gymnasium could contain their delight at this spectacle and they erupt in uproarious
squeals and gales of laughter.
The Woodlawn youngster hammed it up, too, faking back pain and holding his ‘baby
bump’ while approaching the person in the bus seat. “Excuse me, m’am, would you like my
seat?,” says another Woodlawn actor, letting the ‘pregnant lady’ sit down.

More laughter ensues, and Woodlawn cheers for good manners.

The Manners Lady—a.k.a. Judi Vankevich from Vancouver—was brought to the city
school by the Steinbach Rotary Club. In addition to the morning presentation, she held
separate leadership workshops with the students throughout the day, and an evening show for
families and parents.

Humorous skits were only the start of The Manners Lady’s tools to help the students
remember good manners. During a ‘Good Introduction Skills’ segment, for example, they get to
greet their special guests.

“Good manners make all the difference in the world,” deputy mayor Elbert Toews tells the
school, thanking them for their enthusiastic welcome.

What was clearly the students’ favorite tip from Judi? Don’t shake hands “like a dead fish.”
Hanover School superintendent Ken Klassen tells them he loves visiting their school, where he
always has someone opening the door for him or greet him.

The, ‘Don’t let the Bad Manners Monsters Get You’ segment goes over well too, as
students give the thumbs down to ‘Monsters’ like Grouchy-Rouchy, Messy Bessy, Grabba-
Jabba and Slobbo-Roo.
However, it’s Judi The Manners Lady’s songs (all her original music) that has the
audience singing along and pantomiming the actions. They are enthralled with her catchy lyrics
and super-high energy as the red-coated entertainer moves about the gym, all but bouncing off
the walls with her passion for good manners.

After the show, Grade 6 girls Jaime and Jesse both agree that R-E-S-P-E-C-T and The
Golden Rule Rap were their favorite songs. “It was really fun, it was never boring—the whole
thing was really fun,” says Jaime.

Thursday November 20th, 2008

Lara Klassen, a parent volunteer, felt that laughter and music are great ways to have
students remember important life lessons. “It was great because it reinforces what you try and
teach your children at home in a fun way.”

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