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Judi The Manners Lady: It’s Good To Have Manners CD

Good Manners! The Manners Club Theme Song

2. Everybody Needs Good Manners

3. The Golden Rule Rap

4. The Five Fabulous Phrases

5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

6. The Bad Manners Monsters

7. We Want to Obey Our Mom and Dad!

8. Yes Ma’am! Yes Sir!

9. Happy Eyes

10. The Goops

11. I’m Gonna’ Wash Those Germs Right Off My Hands!

12. Prince Knife & Princess Spoon

13. Everyone Needs to Feel Special

14. Goodness Gracious Gratitude 2:34

15. Let’s Say Hello to All the World (in 12 Languages!)

16. The Friendship Song

17. The Manners Club

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