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Manners Boot Camp For Teens & Tweens

Manners Boot Camp for Teens

Meet Judi – High School – Manners Boot Camp – Canada


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A fun seminar that teaches skills and values that teens need to know to make it in the world… a good attitude, sildenafil a thankful heart, hospital social smarts and good manners!
In a society where our young people are often encouraged to “look out for #1” and “do their own thing!” it’s easy for our teens to become self-centred, viagra rather than caring for the needs and feelings of others.

In this one session or multi session workshop, through humour and practical role-playing, teens not only learn manners that are vital for success in life as well as principles of self control and the value of making wise choices in life.

NOTE: Teens can also be trained to be Manners Life Coaches, and teach the Manners Club music and curriculum in local elementary schools–teaching manners, character and life skills to the younger children! (as part of their volunteer hours)


Other Teen and Pre-Teen Programs include:

  • The Fine Art of Being A Gentleman – A fun, interactive workshop designed to equip young men with the skills, character and confidence they need to succeed in their social relationships at home, school, work and in their day to day living!
  • Manners for Pre-Teen Girls (ages 9-12) — A fun, three session class to give young girls the confidence and social saavy in their relationships at home, school and in life!
  • Modeling, Makeup & Manners! – a Day of Beauty with Judi, a former Paris and New York fashion model, learning and practicing social graces and life skills, how to wear make up naturally, good posture and modeling turns highlighted by a graduation fashion show!
  • A Mother/Daughter Date to Remember – A Fun & Memorable Day celebrating “the joy of being a girl” with Mom! Learn manners & social graces, good posture and modeling turns! Be in a fun mother/daughter fashion show! We’ll learn character qualities that will help us be beautiful—inside and outside!
  • Stop Whining & Start Winning! — the seminar that has inspired thousands of teens to take the first step toward achieving their dreams!

For Parent and Teacher Seminars:

  • Making Manners Fun!  Fun, practical ways of teaching manners, character and social responsibility
  • Developing Leaders
  • Bullying & Bad Attitudes

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Watch for upcoming Training Seminars to be certified as a Manners Club Coach for your school, PreSchool, or community.

With the increase in crime, bullying and bad attitudes in our society, educators, political leaders and parents are realizing that in order for a civil society to work, our people must learn to live with self-control, self-government… and good manners.

Manners are the external expression of our inward character… who we really are.”
Judi The Manners Lady