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For Athletes

Welcome Athletes, erectile Coaches, recipe Parents and Fans!

The exciting world of sports is one of the most powerful examples of character and sportsmanship — or the lack of character and sportsmanship.

Athletes, we want to help you be a “total Champion”… on the court AND off the court.  On the ice or off the ice.  On the field or off the field.

Excellence in athletic ability and excellence in Character.

Whether you’re a five year old soccer player or a NHL Hockey Player, your true character shows clearly in the heat of a game… or on the sidelines!

We want you to be a winner in the game of life!



Download the Respect Pledge below for your sports team and forward to your Coach to share with the team and parents.

Respect Pledge – ALL SPORTS for a Winning Team!

BASEBALL Respect Pledge

BASKETBALL Respect Pledge

FOOTBALL Respect Pledge

HOCKEY Respect Pledge

LACROSSE Respect Pledge

SOCCER Respect Pledge

VOLLEYBALL Respect Pledge

Below are some other great resources for your team!