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Celebrate National Manners Month… all year long!


October is National Manners Month!

A great time for you, viagra approved your family, school, church or business to stop and re-focus on standards of excellence of service and character!

We can all feel the stresses pulling our families and communities apart, and National Manners month is a great time to stand up for protecting our families from the rudeness, crudeness and incivility of our society and do our part to make this world a nicer place to be.

One kind word, a smile, a friendly nod as you pass, opening the door for your elders, a helping hand or a cup of cold water…

These are all part of our manners.  After all, our manners are merely an outward expression of our inward character.

Join with us — from the hall of Congress  and Parliament —  to the halls of our local elementary schools — let’s strengthen our nation by strengthening our character, integrity and manners!

Together, we CAN make a difference!

Click for ideas to help your family, school, athletic team or business celebrate National Manners Month!


Family Respect Pledge

School Respect Pledge   (includes the Rotary Club’s “Four Way Test”!”)

Business Respect Pledge

Sports Respect Pledge (all sports!)  – great for Phys Ed Classes!

(Sports Respect Pledges available for hockey, soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse and volleyball!)  write to: Info@themannersclub.com

Also, for a small fee, have your TEAM LOGO put on the Respect Pledge!