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For Parents

Dear Parents!  

What an exciting privilege we have to invest in the lives our our children and to inspire and equip the next generation of parents, capsule teachers, husbands, wives, elected officials, businessmen and women… to live with character, integrity and respect.

But it won’t just happen by chance.

We need to be intentional in filling their little hearts with wisdom and knowledge… and then we need to model and live it!!

A dear friends of mine noted, “If we don’t win their hearts today, they will break our hearts tomorrow.”  We need to win their hearts TODAY!!

The Manners Club Character Kit helps us inspire and equip them to do the right thing and to do things right!

For Just $159 – get everything you need to inspire and equip your children, grandchildren, church, or classroom — with good manners, character, respect & life skills!

or Become a Certified Manners Club Coach and teach your whole community good manners!  Kids Coaches, Teen Coaches and Business Coaches coming soon.

To order the Kit or CD or books call 604.530.4346 or Info@TheMannersClub.com

Manners Club Character Kit Includes:

  • Judi The Manners Lady CD “It’s Fun to Have Good Manners!” 17 Award-winning Songs teaching character! (Listen to the songs at www.CDBaby.com/cd/mannerslady )
  • Manners Club Curriculum “Manners Matter & Character Counts book
  • Manners Club Activity Book
  • Kingdom of DinnerTime: A Fairy Tale on How to Set the Table
  • Bad Manners Monsters Posters (6)
  • Bad Manners Monsters Finger Puppets
  • Respect Diamond
  • Good Manners Pledge
  • Family Respect Pledge poster
  • School Respect Pledge Poster
  • Sports Respect Pledge Poster
  • Manners Club Membership Card





Parents — We need to be the #1 influence in our children’s lives… not their friends at school… and not the TV or internet.  Throughout the ages, it has been us as parents who have nurtured and groomed the next generation with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to be successful in life and in relationships.

We need to help our children learn to identify The Bad Manners Monsters that are trying to destroy our families, schools and communities and then learn how to say “NO!” to them, capture them and lock them up!!   (A great way to learn self-control and discipline!”


We hope and pray that the Manners Club music and Character Kit will be transformational tools in the lives of your children, and that these tools will help reinforce all the great principles that you are building into the lives of your children.

These are serious days and there are many forces that want to both tear your children away from “the nest” before they are ready, and forces that want to tear apart all the foundational principles that you have laid in the hearts of your children.  As parents, we need all the help and support we can get.

We hope that The Manners Club will be an integral tool to help you teach character and timeless principles to your children.

Order your Manners Club Character Kit today!



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This month’s Parents BONUS!  


Parents… enjoy one of the most popular challenges for kids… “The Honor Your Parents” Challenge!!

Two Versions:  Public School and Faith-Based Challenges

1.  Public School Challenge

 Honor Your Parents Challenge – American –






Faith-Based Challenge 

Honor Your Parents Challenge + Christian American +