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Meet Judi The Manners Lady


Judi The Manners Lady has become internationally known and loved by children and parents alike.

 Through her exciting, viagra award-winning music and transformational Manners Club Character Program,
she is helping to strengthen families and build communities across the nation and around the world.

She is the founding Director and CEO of The Manners Club & Life Skills Int’l

and the Founder of the non profit, American and Canadian Projects for Manners & Civility.

Featured on America’s CBS This MorningCanada AMCBC, CKNW, WBZ, Focus on the Family and on the covers of The Boston GlobeThe Toronto Star and the Christian Science Monitor, Judi’s vision is to influence the next generation in civility, self-government and self control by teaching important life principles and good manners in a fun way!  Her Manners Club music and materials are valuable tools for parents and teachers to reinforce the timeless principles of honor and respect that they are trying to instill in our children.

Nominated as an “Ambassador of Multicultural Diversity,” Judi’s successful “Say Hello to All the World” program reached over 15,000 Young People to prepare them to be “Friendship Ambassadors” during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Judi is an award-winning recording artist, entertainer and author.   Her CD, “It’s Fun to Have Good Manners” won the Covenant Award for Best Children’s Album of the Year and was nominated for the “West Coast Music Awards.”

She is the author of:

Manners Matter & Character Counts: The Official Manners Club Handbook for Kids

And The Official Manners Club Activity Book!  

And the all-time favorite book to teach kids how to set the table and have good table mannersThe Kingdom of DinnerTime: A Fairy Tale on How to Set the Table!  

“Every negative headline in the papers–murder, stealing, drug abuse and even marital infidelity–are all extremely bad manners: lack of respect for others… lack of respect for their property… and lack of respect for oneself.  Our society doesn’t need more laws and gun control… we need SELF CONTROL! Our society needs to decide if they will choose to be controlled internally by their conscience or externally by a police officer on every corner. It’s our choice.”

“Self Control is a very wonderful thing. It means you have the ability to CHOOSE to do the right thing. That’s FREEDOM!”  (exerpt From Judi’s book, Manners Matter & Character Counts)

“With her masters degree in Law & Government combined with years working in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, Judi presents a new kind of entertainment… one with a purpose–that can influence our culture!” Professor, Seattle

“Judi has a gift of being able to communicate important life principles to all age groups… and make it fun!”  Scott Dugan, Dugan & Story P.R., Los Angeles

As Zig Ziglar says, “The Manners Lady has come along at the right time! Her CD needs to be in every home in America!”

Former Paris fashion model-turned “Manners Celebrity,” Judi is a dynamic speaker and a high energy entertainer for both children and adults, who travels across the United States and Canada and around the world teaching manners and character at her exciting family concerts at schools, festivals and churches and at her Manners Leadership Boot Camp for Teens for Middle and High Schools.

Her exciting and effective leadership seminars on Customer Service, Professional Image, and Business Etiquette are popular for both large corporations and for small businesses.

Children and parents love singing songs from the new Manners Club CD featuring The Manners Lady and the Manners Club Kids: “It’s Fun to Have Good Manners!”

Favorite songs include:

The Golden Rule Rap,
Goodness Gracious Gratitude,
Obey Your Mom & Dad,
The Bad Manners Monsters,
The Friendship Song
Let’s Say Hello to All the World
a beautiful song that teaches children how to say “Hi! How Are You?” in twelve different languages!
(schools can order soundtrack to the CD so their choirs and singing groups can perform songs from the CD: Cost: $35)

Order the CD for $20 or the whole Manners Club Character Kit for $159!  (Reg $199)  Great for your family, school, church or club!

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Manners and respect are vital—but often overlooked—skills in today’s world. With an increase in bullying and bad attitudes in our society, the teaching of manners and respect is seen as a positive way of dealing with these problems, and Judi Johnston Vankevich has become an internationally recognized expert on manners and positive social behavior. Judi and The Manners Club has been a was a sponsor with NOW TV of the Hamed Nastoh Anti-Bullying Coalition–to help fulfill Hamed Nastoh’s wish in his suicide letter to his mother, “Please stop bullying!” Judi also spoke in Colorado on the anniversary of the tragic shootings in Columbine.

Media appearances by The Manners Lady include:

CBS This Morning, Canada AM, The Breakfast Show, Parenting Today, 100 Huntley Street, It’s a New Day, CBC, CFRB, WBTV, WBZ, and on the internationally renowned parenting radio show, Focus on the Family. She was also featured on the cover of international newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, The Vancouver Sun, Canada’s Christian Week and B.C. Catholic, The Toronto Sun, and national magazines such as Today’s Parent, and The National Post’s Saturday Night.

Judi holds a Masters Degree in Law & Government, an honors B.A. in Business and Political Science, and has also completed The Canadian Securities Course.  She is married and the joyful mother of three great kids, who share her vision to inspire and equip children—of all ages—to learn “self government” and “self control” as they learn to live by The Golden Rule and with good manners and say “NO!” to the Bad Manners Monsters!

Here’s what people are saying…

“The Manners Lady has come along with the right message at the right time…. Her CD needs to be in every home in America!” Zig Ziglar

“She’s got a hundred-watt smile and energy to burn. But beneath Judi Johnston Vankevich’s trademark sequined cap lurks a simple message for parents and children: Manners are important, regardless of your age.” The Toronto Star

“Gifted with sparkle, laughter, and a unique gift to discover hidden treasures in people, Judi is a rare gem of a woman.” Veronica Karaman, President, VKM, Virginia Beach, VA

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