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Join children and parents from around the world
at “The Manners Club!”

Just download and say
The Manners Club’s “Good Manners Pledge!”
(… and mean it!)  and then send Judi an email — (Judi@TheMannersClub.com)

and tell her that you “said the Pledge!” and that you’re a new member of The Manners Club!

Good Manners Pledge

Download your Good Manners Pledge and Manners Club Membership Card here:   Manners Club Membership Card!

Get your FREE Manners Lady CD

in your very own Manners Club Character Kit!

The Manners Club Character Kit Includes:

Curriculum Book: Manners Matter & Character Counts!, hair
Judi The Manners Lady CD, discount
The Manners Club Activity Book, about it
The Kingdom of DinnerTime Book (A fairy tale on how to set the table!)
6 Bad Manners Monsters posters,
Respect Diamond poster,
Family “Respect Pledge” poster,
Good Manners Pledge,
The Bad Manners Monsters Finger Puppets
(Just $159 — Reg $199)

Then you can run your OWN Manners Club for your family, school, church, camp or Kids Club!

Call 1 866 Ask Judi to find out how you can train to become a certified Manners Club Coach!

Special Treat!  Download this month’s Bad Manners Monster…

Grouchy Rouchy!

Tell him to “Go Away!” We need to capture ALL the Bad Manners Monsters that are invading our homes, schools and communites and LOCK THEM UP!



Your school, company or church will be transformed by the message of Judi’s exciting, transformational concerts and family workshops and leadership programs!

 Judi’s programs include:

Fun interactive concerts with exciting music:

  1. The Manners Lady Concert – Manners Are Fun!
  2. “Say Hello to All the World!” – Multicultural Hospitality and Friendship
  3. Say “Yes!” to Respect and “No!” to Bullying – Anti Bullying Program
  4. “Ambassador Training: Three Keys of Success for an Ambassador for our school, city and country!”
  5. Manners Matter & Character Counts – Character on the inside and Manners on the outside!
  6. Friendship Explosion – a relationship and leadership show for intermediate students
  7. Meet Judi – High School – Manners Boot Camp for pre-teens and teens (also adapted for Planning 10 and for Graduating Seniors)
  8. Parent Seminar: “Raising a New Generation of Respectful and Responsible Children and Teens

“Manners Leadership Boot Camp for Teens”

“How to Be a Great Date!” a relationship workshop for teens
Meet Judi – High School – Manners Boot Camp

A fun Keynote or workshop that teaches skills and attitudes every teen need to know to make it in the world… a good attitude, a thankful heart, social smarts and good manners!

KEYNOTE SPEAKER / SEMINAR LEADER for Companies or Universities
Ethics, Character, Manners, Customer Service, Life Skills, Professional Image & Positive Attitude

“Stop Whining & Start Winning!”
the Seminar that has inspired thousands of people to take the first step toward achieving their dreams!

Meet Judi – Manners Boot Camp for Business with Judi The Manners Lady


A fun, two hour party for the whole family to learn manners and important skills together! Great for schools, churches or community groups!

The Manners Lady makes learning manners fun! Using the original Manners Club songs, games, role-playing and family interaction, children learn the importance of living by “The Golden Rule,” having an “attitude of gratitude,” honoring your parents and teachers by obeying “right away without delay” and wearing your “happy eyes!” as well as learning other practical tips on ways to show respect to parents, teachers, authority figures, elders, siblings, friends, property and the environment.
Plus they learn secrets to make other people feel special!
The Manners Club can be spread out over 10 months, 4 weeks or four session over a weekend, covering character and life skills such as:

Being Cool with The Golden Rule
The Five Steps of Awesome Introductions
Terrific Telephone Manners
Super Table Manners Skills–for at home and in public!
Cutting Edge Conversation and Speaking Skills
Family Manners
Sensational School Manners
Fabulous Friendship Manners
Perfect Party Manners § Successful Family Manners
Fantastic Friendship Manners
Sports Manners
Public and Social Manners
International and Cultural Manners
Religious Manners
Inner and Outer Manners
An Attitude of Gratitude

“The Manners Lady’s CD needs to be in every home in America!” Zig Ziglar

“I never imagined that anyone could have so much positive energy!
The Manners Lady’s show was exciting, informative, entertaining and professional!
My students now remember to look me in the eye when I talk to them or shake their hand!”
Vivian Singh, Principal, Ray Underhill Elementary School, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Sing along with Judi on her new Manners Lady CD!  (coming soon in French & Spanish!)
You’ll love all the fun Manners Club songs like “The Golden Rule Rap,” “Goodness Gracious Gratitude!” and “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”


Other special workshops offered by The Manners Lady…

The Fine Art of Being A Gentleman
– A fun, interactive workshop designed to equip young men with the skills, character and confidence they need to succeed in their social relationships at home, school, work and in their day to day living!

Manners for Pre-Teen Girls (ages 9-12) and Teen “Modeling, Make Up & Manners!”

A fun two hour or three session class to give young girls the confidence and social saavy in their relationships at home, school and in life!

“Modeling, Make-Up and Manners!”

A Day of Beauty with Judi, a former Paris and New York fashion model,
learning and practicing social graces and life skills,
how to wear make up naturally,
good posture and modeling turns
highlighted by a graduation fashion show!

A Mother/Daughter Date to Remember –
A Fun & Memorable Day celebrating “the joy of being a girl” with Mom!
Learn manners & social graces, good posture and modeling turns!
Be in a fun Mother/Daughter fashion show!
We’ll learn character qualities that will help us be beautiful—inside and outside!

Call 1-866-Ask-Judi or info@TheMannersClub.com to request more information about booking Judi for your event.